Perfect Tool for Pixie Cuts & Bangs: Total Heat

Perfect Tool for Pixie Cuts & Bangs: Total Heat

Are you that lucky someone that can pull off the Pixie Cut? A classic style, this stunning hairstyle can be adapted to look very sophisticated, or edgy. The advantage of this hairdo is that it is so short, you don’t need to spend hours prepping and curling your hair only for it to lose its hold in a few hours. However, because of its short length, it may be difficult to maneuver with a styling tool. Just like any other project, your hairstyle needs the right equipment to achieve perfect results.

We have narrowed down the essential tools to achieve your favorite pixie style!

It’s wise to prevent heat damage from occurring rather than dealing with damaged hair later. Before using any heating element, add a protective layer to your damp hair. Our Style Prime Heat Protection Spray is a one of a kind formula that can withstand temperatures up to 450°F. Your locks are hydrated from within and then shielded from the outside. A protective film then locks in all this nourishment and preserves the cuticles.

Protecting the hair from heat is easy but we also need to be cautious around our faces and to do that, you need the right flat iron! For these super close pixie cuts or bangs, using a larger flat iron can be a challenge. Our Total Heat Flat Iron has a super sleek, ultra-thin 4/10” plate size that is made ofTri-Diamond Ceramic™ that heats up quickly and evenly. This hair tool was designed with professional speed and results in mind. A unique feature of the Tri-Diamond Ceramic™ gold plates is that they glide effortlessly with no product build-up. The petite size of this flat iron makes it ideal to straighten or texturize your pixie cut with less passes on your hair – which means less damage! 

That’s it! If you really want to break it down, you only need a couple products. You can even finish it off with some shine our Shine Bright Lightweight Finishing Spray for added hold and shine!  

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