What Size Curling Iron or Straightener To Buy

When curling your hair, there’s a careful balance that must be achieved. If you underdo it, your locks look limp. If you overdo it, you wind up with a frizzy perm nightmare. The same can be said of straightening your hair. Your curls can either be flattened beautifully into sleek, straight locks or mangled into a tangled, wavy mess.

While getting the desired results with a styling iron does come down to technique, the barrel size of these hot styling tools is also important. Here’s when you should use these variously sized hair straighteners and curlers. 


The smallest barrel available is half an inch. With its compact size, these tools are good for curling hair into shapely, sturdy ringlets.


The next step up is a barrel size that measures a ¾ inch. You can tighten up your curls a bit with a curler, or, with a straightener, loosen up those waves. 


The sizing standard for heating tools is generally a one-inch barrel. You can get your hair stick-straight or leave just a hint of waviness with the 1” Classic Rebellion Curling Iron. You can curl hair as tightly or loosely as you want. This is a great barrel size if you prefer changing up your day-to-day style. 

1 ½-Inch

Somewhat bigger than the one-inch barrel above, that extra half an inch works hard to create volume. Experts suggest teasing the roots with a styling tool, like the 1.5” Classic Rebellion Curling Iron, holding for just a few seconds. Your roots will look curvy and lively instead of flat and dull.


The biggest barrel size available for styling tools is two inches. If you want to achieve some seriously noticeable results, like larger-than-life curls, this is the curling iron you should reach for. A hair straightener with a barrel this big can give your straight hair some volume and lift. 

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