What Heat Level to Use For Your Hair Type

Rule number one: Always start with the lowest temperature that allows you to style your hair in one pass. What do we mean? If you are getting the style you want without passing your style tool over your hair twice, lower the temperature. If you can still do it, remain at the lower temperature. Continue to test until you reduce the temperature as low as it can go and still maintain this one-pass style technique.

If you are unsure of the temperature range to test, start here: 

  • Fine hair - Ranges between 250-350 degrees
  • Average hair - Ranges between 360-400 degrees
  • Thick and multi-textured hair - Ranges between 410-450 degrees

Reduce the Heat

Too much heat breaks the bonds between your hair strands, making your hair appear lifeless. You want just enough to restructure how those bonds connect with each other without breaking them. Your hair has the ability to bend and stretch when the right amount of heat is applied - it is up to you to find the sweet spot

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