Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Straightening Hair

1 - Hard towel drying out of the shower is a big no no! If you are looking to style your hair with a hair straightener on dry hair, this will only curl up your locks.

2 - Never point the blow dryer directly at your hair. Aim the nozzle down to keep your hair from frizzing.



3 - Steam and sizzle are your enemies! If you ever hear or see either one of these signs of overheating your styling tool, stop using.



4 - Never think that your hair is tough enough to get away without a thermal protectant. Always protect your strands!



5 - Cranking up the heat on your flat iron is a big mistake. You should be aiming for the minimum amount of heat possible.



6 - Randomly grabbing hair to straighten is a huge problem. Section your hair to ensure an even application. You may have to clip your hair into four sections depending on its thickness.



7 - Going over the same section of hair repeatedly is not your best move if you do not get the look that you want. Try applying more tension as you pass with the iron.



8 - Using too many finishing products on hair that is naturally curly or frizzy may only reverse your hard styling iron work. Start with a light hold.



9 - If you think that all flat irons are created equal, think again. You need a great iron, not just anything you see on the shelf.



10 - Stay away from products with alcohol, silicone, and oil. You will find many of these agents in your shine finishers. There are many techniques to get that salon shine; don't take the shortcut.

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