1. You’re Not Drying Long Enough

We know you’re busy, but drying your hair takes time. Your hair shouldn’t be damp or cold when you’re done. If it is, you need to keep going. 

2. You’re Not Using the Dryer Nozzle 

You may have removed the dryer nozzle when you first bought your tourmaline hair dryer and tucked it away. It’s time to dust it off and put it back on. This lets you concentrate on specific areas for professional-looking results each time.

3. You’re Drying Your Whole Head at Once

For more volume, you need to dry your hair one part at a time. Use clips or your fingers to space apart sections. 

4. You Use a Comb

Combs are a no-no since they can tug at wet strands. Metal brushes get hot too fast. It’s best to invest in a boar bristle brush.

5. And Your Brushing Technique Could Use Some Work 

If you’re a righty, do you brush your hair with your left hand as you dry it with your right? You’ll get better results if you switch hands (the same goes for lefties). 

6. You Never Touch the Temperature Settings

If your hairdryer is on the lowest temperature setting, it can take twice as long to blow dry. If it’s on the highest setting, it could damage your hair. Find a happy medium. 

7. Your Hair Is Soaking Wet 

Make sure you blot your hair with a towel before you start drying it with a heated styling tool. This reduces frizz, hair breakage, and heat damage.

8. You’re Not Applying a Heat Protectant

No matter what, always use a heat protectant before you plug in your hair dryer. Make it a habit and you’ll never forget it. 

9. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Got a New Hair Dryer 

Hair dryers don’t last forever - they have a shelf life like many other products. Dryers work less efficiently over time. That increases your risk of heat damage. It may be time to invest in a tourmaline hair dryer. 

10. You Use Damaging Hot Styling Tools

Not at all styling tools are created equally. At HAI Beauty Concepts, our hair tools are designed to be gentler on hair, reducing frizz and dryness. Our tourmaline hair dryer will give you gorgeous silky strands faster.

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