The Benefits of Using a Titanium Hair Straightener

When using a heated styling tool like a flat iron, you may try to avoid ones made of metal – because well, it’s metal. If you haven’t used a Titanium hair straightener, you’re seriously missing out.

Safe and super efficient, Titanium-plated straighteners maintain consistent heat, making them great to use for day-to-day styling. If you’re still on the fence, here are some reasons to consider a Titanium straightener like our Performance Titanium XL Hair Flat Iron.

Reduced Heat Damage to Hair

You may not use a styling iron often to keep your hair from getting dried out and straw-like. With a Titanium straightener, you don’t have to worry about frying your locks. The Titanium plates gently handle hair and leave it glossy and beautiful every time, with every pass.

Forget the Frizz

Do you suffer from frizz? Maybe, even worse, you only notice your hair is frizzy once you’re done using a straightener. With Titanium plates, you can banish frizz for good. How cool is that?


Scratch-proof, once you invest in a Titanium straightener, you won’t need replacement plates.

Fast Heating

When you’re in a rush or trying to save time with your morning routine, nothing is worse than waiting for your styling tools to heat up. Titanium straighteners heat right up so you can start styling your hair immediately. 

Consistent Temperature

Titanium plates provide a consistent temperature that doesn’t change. The plates transfer heat evenly between each other and always stay in a reliable degree range, typically 250 to 400F, or whatever temp is recommended for your hair type.