The 4 Most Popular Hairstyles for 2017

Popular Hairstyles for 2017

2017 is bringing back sleek and wavy - think Cher! Let's take a look at the hairstyles that will keep the streets rubbernecking as you walk by and how you can get your hair working for you.

The Gigi

The wet look was made famous (again) by Gigi Hadid over 2017 Spring Fashion Week. Get just the right amount of sheen with about 90% wet, 10% dry using the HAI® Tourmaline hair dryer on low setting.

Grown Out Shag

A great look for natural curls is a slight straightening that gives you a scrumptious shag, a creative way to let your bangs grow and layers fill out. Give your curls a little styling iron-love and get the length that you want without having to commit to a full style change.

Curling Iron Waves

Flat waves were last year, and this year, people will be looking for a little more curl. Use the right styling tool for the job, and you will keep heads turning.

The Flip

For those lazy days when you still want to feel sexy, simply flipping your hair over to one side after a quick run over with a Convertable™ flat iron is the move.

Our styling tools offer performance, durability, and most of all, quality hairstyles that will make you feel as though you just stepped out of a salon. Register your purchase with us within 30 days and take advantage of our warranty. If you need more tips on how to turn heads this year, visit or check us out on Instagram - #haistyle