Protecting Your Hair From Heat Damage, The Right Way
Whether you like to style your hair for big events or for everyday wear, you probably use heated products fairly often. From a blow dryer to a flat iron to a curling iron, styling tools can wreak havoc on the health and softness of your strands. Want to learn how to protect your hair from heat? ? Here are a few tips on how to do that:

Check Your Hair Status

What's your hair like? Some hair is actually better at handling  heat from styling tools than others. You don't have to fry your strands to find out which camp you fall under. Just inspect the elasticity, texture (whether it's thin or thick), and softness of your hair and you'll have a pretty good idea how often you should use heated styling tools.
Upgrade the Tools You Do Have
For those times that you must use heated styling tools, make sure you have quality, dependable products. You may spend a lot of money upfront, but styling tools are an investment that will last for years that shouldn’t fry your hair. In fact, most professional-grade products let you adjust the heat settings according to your needs.


Grab That Heat Protectant

Before you subject your hair to any heat source—yes, even a hair dryer—apply a heat protectant. Most hair pros suggest getting one with silicone, since this covers hair shafts fully and prevents them from being damaged by the heat.
Call the Pros
If you want to make a huge style change with your hair, it’s best to go to a professional stylist. They’ll know how to achieve the look you desire. Not only that, but they can treat damaged hair, adding moisture back in for healthier-looking hair. 

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