Picking a summer hairstyle does not have to be a hair-ache! Here are some easy styles that you can master regardless of texture, weather or the health of your hair. 

Messy Waves

If you live in an especially humid area, you may have trouble getting a full smooth wave to work. It's ok - messy waves are in this year! Make sure that you use a mid-size curling iron randomly to define that messy look. We recommend our 1.5” Classic Rebellion Curling Iron. Finish off with the right texturizer. 

Top Plait

Use the combination of a high ponytail and braided fishtail to created a look that can take you through the entire day. You can also transition this look into a top knot with a simple bobby pin. 

Baby Braids 

If the plait isn’t the look for you, you can put baby braids into your hair for a cute, effortless look regardless if you like wearing your hair up or down. They are a great way to add a little oomph to your hairstyle without the extra work.

Messy buns 

Messy buns are a girl’s best friend, especially during the summer! You can dress it up a little by curling some of the shorter hair in the front and back with our Gold CONVERTABLE™ for an effortless look. To bring it up another notch you can add a pretty headband for a day-to-night look in seconds.

You have more choices than you may think when it comes to hairstyles. Be sure to use the right flat iron if you are planning on hair straightening in the summer, and get the right texture cream to get that beautiful finish that the summer requires. If you are looking for more great tips on summer styling and hair care, be sure to take a look at