Katy Perry is a Blonde!

Katy Perry recently revealed her new blonde hairstyle and we can't wait to see what more she will do with it! Perry has always been a celebrity who is constantly changing her look, but no one saw her blonde locks coming! Her daring ‘do has bleach blonde roots, with a strawberry tint. We cannot wait to see her blonde hair next to boyfriend Orlando Bloom, who also recently dyed his hair blonde for a role.

New life who dis

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Question is: How is Perry going to style her freshly bleached hair? Even professionally bleached hair can end up a bit damaged, meaning it’s essential to protect and revitalize the hair. Trying to find the perfect hair styling tool for color-treated hair can be a difficult task. Many tools on the market are not designed to protect color-treated hair.The NEO is a game changer for  Perry and others who color treat their hair.


Today a feminist got her wings. Thank you @gloriasteinem ❤👼🏼

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The NEO features a revolutionary plate material that provides damage control technology, even for color-treated hair, which helps to prevent breakage and damage to the hair. The innovative textured plates provide more surface area for the hair to contact which leads to more separation. This leaves the hair shaft round and allows it to maintain its natural volume. The plates also control the transmission of heat that reduces thermal damage to the hair.

The damage control technology is what makes the NEO perfect for color-treated hair. It is specifically engineered for chemically treated hair and color-treated hair. It is great for everyday use, even if you have been using heat tools on your hair for years. So, if you’ve recently dyed, bleached, or even damaged your hair, style your new locks with the NEO!

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