How to Get Those Wavy Curls Everyone is Talking About!

Keeping up with modern style means knowing how to properly curl your naturally straight hair! If you are looking for healthy, loose, wavy curls, have a look at the process below.

1 - Make sure your hair is completely dry.

If you can wait for 24 hours after washing your hair, that is the best way to get loose waves in your curl. As you are using your blow dryer, be sure that you are brushing out any tangles that show up. To get loose curls, you need to start with straight hair. Try this hair straightener or this flat iron to help you with this process if your hair naturally forms tight curls.

2 - Heat your curling iron properly.

Make sure that the heat you are using is not overbearing. Fine hair should need no more than 350 degrees, and no grade of hair should use more than 450 degrees. Too much heat keeps your curls from being loose and natural. Use a larger barrel on your curling iron if you want looser curls.

3 - Add a heat protectant.

Keep your hair healthy by moisturizing it first after drying. Try not to use any gels or mousses along with direct heat from a styling tool.

4 - Use the curling iron to wrap your hair.

Wrap your hair around the entire barrel of the curling iron to get looser curls. Start from root to tip, wrap, and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat with every section of your hair.

5 - Finger comb for effect.

Do not use a brush or comb to relax your new curls; this will undo the process! Simply toss your hair with your fingers, and finish with a light finishing hairspray.

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