Flatiron styles are definitely a trend this year. If you have been looking for a way to upgrade your look, here are some tips on how to get those desired beach waves – with a flat iron!

1. Make sure that your hair is fully dry. If you can wait at least one day after a wash, your hair will likely hold its texture better than clean hair. If you can't wait, grab your Performance Infra-Ionic Dryer and give yourself a rough dry. 

2. Use hair clips to divide your hair into sections horizontally. 

3. Start with your flat iron near the root. As you push outward, slowly turn it away from your face while rotating it. Work down your strands and twist as you flip the ends. If you have never done this before, you may actually want to practice it with the iron off before trying it.

Your Gold CONVERTABLE is the perfect tool for this look. It’s versatile and gives you more consistency for a better look. Pair it with your complimentary Heat Armor Thermal Protection Spray to protect and nourish your hair while you style. The dreamy Coconut scent isn’t too bad either!

4. Continue with this motion on all the separated sections of your hair. Give yourself a final touch with a little “hair shake” so that your locks don’t  look unnaturally perfect. A bit of randomness helps the style. You can also leave the ends out for a look that is slightly less perfect, which goes well with a daytime chic for a quick lunch date with the girls.

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