Most of us have a flat iron but why would you need a 4/10" flat iron? Our new Total Heat iron is incredibly unique in the size and the benefits are endless. Check out some innovative ways to use your new iron:

  1. Get to the roots! Total Heat is designed with 4/10" plates which makes it ideal for highly-textured hair. The ultra-thing design allows you to get to the roots to straighten or curl. It allows you to be detailed with each pass.
  2. The healthier option! The plate technology is better for your hair! We know heat can cause damage but our Tri-Diamond Ceramic™ plates are designed to be a healthy heat styling option. Tri-Diamond Ceramic is essentially a “diamond glitter” coating, that has all the benefits of Teflon with ZERO toxic or harmful emission, providing am effortless performance for the ultimate styling experience. It’s a non-stick material that allows for no hair-pulling, no product build-up, and up to 120,000 perfect passes for shinier, healthier hair, every time.
  3. A must for coarse hair! Total Heat is no only thin though to reach the roots, but the temperature setting reaches 450°F which makes it the ideal styling tool for highly-course hair.
  4. It’s the perfect size for bangs! Bangs are always in … and now with the Total Heat, they are easier to style. No more bed-head-bangs. The small design allows you to straighten or flip the smaller hair sections like bangs.
  5. Short hairstyles unite! Total Heat is the perfect flat iron for shorter hair styles. The thin design makes it easier to reach shorter sections of hair. Even for men!

The Total Heat 4/10” flat iron is so versatile – from highly textured, coarse hair to fine bangs – it’s ideal to pair with any hot tool. Have you tried it yet?

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