You want your hair to look and feel its best, right? That’s why it’s so important to use styling tools that offer innovative technologies that reduce damage to your hair. Our tools are not only the perfect fit for your busy schedule, but they are designed to straighten or curl your hair without leaving it dried out and frizzy.



The following flat irons and curling irons are non-damaging for silky, beautiful hair all day.

Flat Irons



1. NEO —  With top-of-the-line Damage Control Technology (DCT) plates, the NEO protects and styles hair, without the damage and frizz. The DCT plates prevent hair damage and reduce the chances of hair shaft breakage. Its Nano-Tourmaline technology keeps frizz at bay and leaves your hair shiny and smooth, pass after pass.



2. Gold Convertable — Boasting stunning Tri-Diamond Ceramic gold plates, the Gold Convertable is a must-have styling tool. The innovative plates have all the benefits of Teflon with ZERO toxic or harmful emissions. On top of that, it’s designed with Ionic Mineral Complex which generates negative ions that infuse moisture deep into the hair adding shine and reduces free. It’s the ultimate tool that delivers effortless performance for the ultimate styling experience!



3. Performance Titanium XL — Although it reaches high temperatures quickly, the Performance Titanium XL lets you choose your hair type (coarse, normal, or fine) and the temperature setting so you never overdo it on the heat styling.



Curling Irons



1.1.5” Classic Rebellion — With a Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic barrel, the 1.5” Classic Rebellion uses far-infrared rays that reduce heat damage and capture moisture for voluptuous, healthy curls, without frying your locks.



2. 1.25” Classic Rebellion — This 1.25” curling iron is for those who want more hair-curling options like big volume, beach waves or a quick flip. hIt used an Advanced Ceramic Heater for ultra-fast, constant hear for healthy curls.



3. 1” Classic Rebellion — For the most compact curls, there’s our 1” Classic Rebellion curling iron. It generates heat quickly thanks to the Tourmaline technology (up to six layers!) and ceramic base for shiny, strong curls.