A flat iron to create beach waves? Yes, please! A good, versatile flat iron can do so much more than just straighten hair. It’s an awesome hair tool that has a quick and easy trick for beautifully-tousled loose waves. 

Flat iron waves look universally flattering on all hair lengths and are incredibly easy to achieve!  Best part is that you don’t have to go out and buy new tools or products. You simply need a flat iron (we recommend our Gold Convertable Iron), heat protectant and some textured spray.

Step 1: Choose the right heat for your hair type and lightly spray on some heat protectant for smooth healthy hair.

Step 2: Section off your hair horizontally in two sections and pin up the top layer.

Step 3: Select the section of hair you want to curl *Note the smaller sections will curl tighter while thicker sections will create looser curls.

Step 4: Twist your wrist so that the back of your hand is facing you and slide it down as if you were straightening it. The tightness of the curls will depend on how hot you have your iron and how slowly you move the iron down the section of hair. Slower speeds will create tighter bouncier curls and higher speeds will create loose waves.  

Remember, the lower half of your hair doesn’t have to be fully curled. Focus on the middle to ends of the section. Your top half will cover most of it! Repeat until you’ve finished all the sections.  

Step 5: Brush through your hair with your fingers for a messy #iwokeuplikethis look and finish off with a little spritz of texturizing spray for a light hold and shine.

There you have it, super simple! Now you have a hairstyle that looks like you spent more time than the 10 minutes it actually took!

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