Your favorite celebrity steps foot on the red carpet with fabulous hair that seems effortless – but it is far from effortless. The solution is due partly to the techniques and talents of their trusted stylist and partly in the hair dryers used.

For instance, we know that you need an ionic hair dryer and diffuser attachment to get a wavy look. However, only proper preparation and a truly professional ion hair dryer will give you the great waves that you see on the red carpet.

Before you begin the process with your ionic blow dryer or tourmaline hair dryer, make sure that you have the right nutrients in your hair beforehand. You may be incredibly gentle during your combing and drying process but still experience broken strands if you do not prepare your hair well.

Repeat after us. Water is your friend. You should not look to eliminate all of the water from your hair during the drying process. Leave anywhere from 30 to 40% of the water from your wash cycle in your hair. Damp but not so damp that your hair is dripping. You may need to experiment in order to learn the appropriate amount for your unique hairstyle, but it should be within this range. Water is a natural bonding agent that will help activate the products that you use, improving your results.

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