Nowadays, you can find your hair in a bun seven days a week. Top knots, messy buns, haphazard updos might be our current MO, but when you’re in the mood for a slightly elevated look - we are here to help! See below for some of our favorite ways to accessorize your latest go-to style.

Look #1 - Add some bling

Head over to your jewelry box and grab a long necklace with a clamp. Gather hair into a high ponytail of your choice - messy, sleek, a little bit of both - and secure with a neutral hair tie or one of our Silk Scrunchies. Taking the clamp of the necklace, hook it into one of the hair tie loops and begin to wrap around the ponytail. At the end of the chain, keep one hand on the end and use the other to begin wrapping hair around the base of the ponytail. Once a bun is formed, secure with another neutral hair tie and pin bobby pins where necessary

Look #2 - Ascot or bust

This look is a personal fav of Twitter comedian, home chef, and celeb, Chrissy Teigen. Grab a small, thin scarf or square ascot - start with a square and fold in half into a triangle. Starting with the tip, roll the scarf towards the wide end and set aside. Carefully gather hair into a sleek top knot and secure any flyaways with our Shine Bright Lightweight Finishing Shine Spray and bobby pins. Once ready, take the scarf and place the middle of the scarf on the front side of the bun and wrap around, overlapping where needed. Tie the ends in a small knot or bow when they meet and gently tuck down until the top of the bun is showing.

Look #3 - Same Same, but Different

We love a multipurpose scarf, that same scarf from look 2 can be used here as can most of the steps. Follow all the same instructions as look 2 but when it comes time to tie around the bun - stop. Before tying the scarf, pull a few pieces of hair out of the bun or leave a few face framing strands out prior to tying - your choice! Once those are ready, grab the scarf and gently wrap around your head and tie together. Either pull the tied knot up to the top of the head to show off or keep it hidden on the nape of neck.

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