Getting the best summer hairstyle is all about the tools that you bring to the job. Your hair straightener is the difference between summer frizz and beach-ready shine. Here are a few tips to get a great look for those summer adventures, assuming you do not have time for the salon.

First, make sure that you incorporate the proper care primers into your routine. In order to protect your hair against the humidity and heat of the summer, use a leave-in conditioner and topcoat. Massage your hair primers into your hair on a daily basis right after a shower. You will need more primer if your hair is curlier in texture, and you may need to add a straightening balm as well.

When your hair is about 75% dry, section out your locks and dry your hair in each individual section. You can use a paddle brush to keep your hair taut. After each section of your hair is dry, give yourself a short mist with a hairspray that has a flexible hold pattern.

To further straighten your hair, put your flat iron on medium heat. Straighten each section individually and give your hair a final spritz with your hairspray to hold.

In order to achieve the best results, pay attention to the amount of heat that you are using. If your hair is fine, you probably do not need any more than 250°. Under no circumstances should you have to turn your flat iron above 450° in order to achieve a great look, and this is only for the earliest, thickest hair patterns. 

Tools like the Gold Convertable flat iron can keep your hair straight despite the humidity and the water on the summer beach trip! Please go to for even more tips on keeping your hair looking great during the summer. Hai Beauty also has a full line of products that you can use to create the hairstyle of your dreams!