4 Easy Tricks to Curling Your Hair with a Flat Iron

You may not live near the shore, but you can still have sexy beachy waves any day you wish. You may not have anywhere to go, but you can still create picture-perfect curls that would make any of your friends jealous.


With our Limited Edition Gold Convertable styling iron. Made with Tri-Diamond Ceramic™ gold plates for a sleek, photo-ready finish, this is one styling iron you’re going to want in your beauty arsenal. Hair-enthusiast/professional hairstylist, McKenzie Penhall, shows off the beauty of our styling tool while we explain how you use it.

Step 1: Use a Heat Protectant

Our Gold Convertable™ styling iron comes with our Heat Armor Thermal Protection Spray that you can use to prep your hair. While other styling irons may threaten to dry out the natural moisture in your hair, ours is designed to protect your strands, leaving them touchably soft, with every pass.

Step 2: Curl the Ends First

Depending on the type of curls you want (tighter curls or loose waves), grab a small or slightly larger strand of hair. Place the styling iron about ¾ of the way up the strand, towards the top of the head. Clamp the styling iron and twist the tool away from your face one time, then continue to pull the tool down the rest of the strand keeping the styling iron clamped shut.  For best results, we like to keep a firm hand onto the hair strand to keep it in place on the styling tool.  Curls, check!

Step 3: Curl in the Opposite Direction of Your Face

To keep your waves looking as good as possible, remember to move the styling iron opposite of your face. Not only does this let you avoid accidents and burns, but it also lets you see what you’re doing. If you keep the iron too close to your face, you could end up with crimped hair, and no one wants that.

Step 4: Fix up Any Flat Areas

It’s okay if you missed a spot. Just address that portion of your hair now. Apply some holding spray and then get on with your day looking chic and fierce.

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